Joint observation and training

As often as possible, joint observation and training events are conducted by the members of the practice group. These serve to work on short and medium-term projects, which can be put together by the practice group itself within the framework of the specified areas of work. Registered users can access individual project pages with further information and working materials for the current topic areas.

Guided tours

On request, guided tours and live demonstrations of solar activity for individuals and small groups of up to about 8 people can be arranged on Saturday afternoons when the weather is suitable.


From time to time, an informal SonnenHöck is offered for an extended circle of interested people, which serves the common sun observation as well as the switching of current novelties of the instrument technology and results of the own sun observation and project work. The next dates of the event can be found in the calendar of events. Guests are always welcome. Own contributions can be registered directly with the head of the practice group by email.